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"في ٱلْطّابِق اَلْأَوَّل غُرْفة نَوْم."

Translation:There is a bedroom on the first floor.

June 28, 2019



Why writing simply الطابق is not accepted? the wasla and the shadda are not compulsory if we do not want to vocalise, are they?



(1) It should be accepted. (2) Yes, you're correct! Writing wasla and shadda are not compulsory. The reason why Harakaat are written is because we are still beginners.


Please pay attention that the word "nawm-نوم" is a complement. the word "ghurfa- غرفة" when it is on its own is pronounced "ghurfa" however because the word "noum" is a complement in this sentence, it is pronounced "ghurfatt". Thus "ghurfatt- nawm" and not "ghurfa nawm".


Why isn't there a "hunak" in the sentence?


shouldn't sleeping room be accepted and not only bedroom?


في الطابقِ الأولِ غرفةُ نومٍ.


اصل جملة خطأ مفروض ، الغرفة نوم في طابق الأول.


"There is a first floor bedroom" should also be accepted.


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"On the first floor, bedroom" should be accepted.


No, that's completely wrong in English. If you want to reverse the order, you'd say: "On the first floor, there is a bedroom".


Yeah, but there isn't any word in Arabic text for "there is". I can't translate the sentence in English properly.


The meaning of "there is" is implied in the Arabic sentence. Arabic doesn't use the verb "to be" the same way English uses it. Try to think of each sentence as a whole and translate its meaning instead of translating word-for-word.

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