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"Do you have a t-shirt and a scarf, Sam?"

Translation:هَل عِنْدَك تي شيرْت وَوِشاح يا سام؟

June 28, 2019



that one really wasn't fair! I checked the hover hints for t-shirt, and it just said شيرْت, so I thought they must have the same word for both shirt and t-shirt!! Not cool, Duo! ;-)


The vocative case is being overused. I rarely hear يا from native speakers.


Because this is probably fus-ha arabic (formal arab)


İ agree with you


th fact why "T" and "shirt" has to be separated ?


Really... Please use less foreign words


The T-shirt is clearly not an Arab invention. I couldn't find another name for it in Arabic. Alternatively, could we sayقميص ذو كم قصير (short-sleeved shirt) perhaps? But that's another kind of garment, isn't it?

@ElektronKn: So, what is the Arabic word for T-shirt? Thank you!


just as we have lots of loan words from other languages, including Arabic, in English; Arabic also has loan words. There's nothing wrong with using loan words, ALL languages have them; however, the hover hints should give us what is needed for our sentences!


Well said, CeeCeeSong. (and what a lovely name)


I just wish they didn't use these awkward words in a language learning setting.


But what puzzles me is that when Duolingo teaches the "Arabic" for t-shirt, the illustration has long sleeves as far as I remember. Can تي شيرْت denote either a short- or a long-sleeved garment?

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