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  5. "بَيت بارِد"

"بَيت بارِد"

Translation:a cold house

June 28, 2019



How am I supposed to know this? :s


The audio seems to only pronounce "bayt baar". Should it not be "baytun baarid"?


Im hearing "bayt baarid". Know that some dialects of Arabic use the "un" sound at the end and some does not. Duo seems to depict both ways to show the differences.


yeah ..thinking same


What is the difference between بارد and بارِد ?


Most of the time the kasra, fat7a, and Damma (the 3 short vowels i, a, and u) are not written because it's assumed that you know them (except in the Qur'aan). بارد is pronounced exactly as بارِد is, but the kasra (short i) isn't written because adults know, and also because certain letter patterns are common to them (this course will probably talk about letter patterns later). People who are learning Arabic (foreigners, children) usually use short vowels to know how it is supposed to be pronounced, and later on you get rid of them.


Honestly, that accent beneath the "r" isn't even taught to kids until they're in 5th grade. The two word is fundamentally the same in pronunciation, but the latter is grammatically incorrect. No one actually writes those accents in normal writing, only in books and the like will it be written.


The audio is Baarad, but it should be baare(i)d, no?


I also hear that as baarad.


Well arabic is a bit like english you hear a spectrum of sounds together some times. I remember the songs we sang when I was a kid: æ in arabic accent tends to sound like aa. O to U ans e to ee. Patience ;)


That's right, it should be baarid


Does this mean the house is cold to the touch, or you feel cold inside?


Probably that the house is cold inside. Descriptions usually just describe the state of the subject


This introduces two words in Arabic that have neither been introduced yet, or an explanation and connection to the Arabic vocabulary for these characters.


If you hover over the words you can see the definition, on desktop at least.


If anyone needs help comment and follow


Questioning with the Word that has nit taught Yet. Not fair

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