"اَلْقِراءة وَالْكِتابة"

Translation:reading and writing

June 28, 2019

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I had understood that when الْ is used, that is equivalent to the word "The." So, I wrote The reading and the writing. Rules help to learn a language. Give us more general rules to follow. :)


In English, when we want to talk about a thing generally, we use a noun without an article, like in the sentences singing relaxes me, and marriage helps people. In Arabic, al- is used instead.

Note singing (غناء) above is a verbal noun (i.e. a word derived from a verb, used to describe an action, but is not a verb because it tells us nothing about an event), so to say “I sing” by saying “أنا غناء” would mean you are the embodiment of singing. Instead, you must use a present tense verb to express the present continuous (things happening as you speak, temporary situations, definite future plans etc) in order to say I am singing.


Bonjour689181, Andrew's answer is good. You might also like to know - in case you meet the term - that another way to say "verbal noun" is "gerund". Also, if you do Duolingo on a computer, as opposed to a phone, each chapter has a section called "Tips", which is an explanation of the vocabulary and grammar introduced in that chapter. They're very good, and leave nothing unexplained.


i would love to use duolingo on my computer but the font is unreadable to me there. It's significantly thinner and a lot more stylized compared to the android app


I find thqt one tends to usr the definite in Arabic roughly as often as in French, in contrast to Spanish, where it is much less frequent, and English, where it is even less so.

Perhaps you could judge that you should use it anywhere you would not use the indefinite in English.


When do we use articles a and the? Does not اَلْ mean the? So, why not the reading and the writing? Someone please explain.


It's explained in the tips to this chapter (Hobbies). There's an AWFUL lot of grammar and vocabulary for this chapter.


I dont understand why I gor the right answer. Theres been a few questions like this, where its not clear (at least to me) why one xhoice is correct and the others not.


My guess in this one is that two nouns, being the second with definite article, implies that the first one is also with definite article. But just guessing here


Because you need to use "the" : like (the) reading and not (a) reading.


Sorry about my incorrect report about switching reading and writing in this lesson. It's been many years.

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