A bit confused about Duo force-skipping my levels

Hi, I love Duolingo and am grateful for all that it does. That said, I noticed something weird while learning.

Sometimes, when I am beginning a new skill that has a lot of lessons inside (8 to 10, but I think I saw it once with fewer), Duo allows me to do about half of the lessons -- but then it just skips me to the next level without teaching me the rest of it.

The result: I didn't actually finish the second half of the lessons -- I didn't even get the chance to see them! It gets me frustrated sometimes because there seems to be no way to learn new vocabulary and grammar on the introductory levels if it just keeps being skipped.

I understand that it happens because of Duo's recent system to fast-track fluent language users through boring exercises. Like, if someone is so proficient, they make zero mistakes in their new skill lessons, Duo just assumes they already know this -- so it fast-forwards them ahead. A nice system, yes. But only for those who are actually already proficient!

The problem is -- I simply do not like making mistakes and try to be careful while studying. Sometimes I get zero mistakes on the skills I know next to nothing about. So such a system robs me of my learning because it equates not making errors with me already knowing everything and thus not needing new skills. (Which I do. I really do!)

So, is there a way to fix it other than for me to always ensure I make a sufficient amount of mistakes while learning each new skill set so that Duo doesn't assume I'm fluent when I'm not? Maybe a quick fix like a question at the end of the session when Duo decides you are fluent. Like "you seem to already be good at this skill. Are you sure you want to continue, or maybe better just skip ahead to harder levels?" Something like that...

Has anyone noticed it, too? I feel weird writing about this because I didn't find any topics like this on the forum. I wonder if I am alone in either noticing it or being frustrated by it.

In any case, thanks in advance.

June 28, 2019


qwentarie, that does sound tres bizarre !
what do you use to access Duo? PC website, app, or ? Personally, I use my PC and the Duo website and have not encountered this odd Duo behavior. Hopefully a moderator chimes in and has a solution for this problem.
bonne chance !

June 28, 2019

I use App and desktop. The skipping of new lessons happened to me on the desktop on three different occasions. Two in French, one in German, if I remember correctly.

But I am not the only one who had Duo skipping levels for the fluent learners, yes? There is the crux of my problems, and I think it did that to me much more often! Only I wasn't annoyed in those cases because I did know those skills well so wasn't missing any new info and actually appreciated the skip.

By the way, thanks for your reply!

June 28, 2019

qwentarie, I count myself lucky that I haven't encountered that problem (yet!). Knock on wood.

I like your cat avatar!

June 29, 2019

It probably is related to staff's announcement here:

June 29, 2019
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