"Rosa and Judy"

Translation:روزا وَجودي

June 28, 2019



Does Arabic uses spaces between words?

Is "and" affixated to the next word?

June 28, 2019


in Semitic languages «and» is a syllable added to the beginning of the second word. «wa-» in Arabic («ve-» in Hebrew).

The pronunciation can be modified sometimes depending on the beginning of the word, so it can even be «u-» but it's spelt with the same characted «وَ»

The word should be written without breaks but there should be space after the first word like «Rosa andJudy»

June 28, 2019


Not in all Arab countries. There are actually 2 competing standards for this. We, in Lebanon, put a space between وَ and the word after it, and I think it would be better for the course makers to adopt that standard in this case, because it's a lot easier for beginners to learn, and it makes adding hints and tips under words a lot easier too, because people can hover (or click) on وَ separately.

June 28, 2019


Yeah, i "cheat" and look for the "and" character rather than actually reading through the name characters

July 7, 2019


That's not really cheating, just a useful skimming technique...

July 8, 2019



June 29, 2019


In a different translating exercise the question was raised why the name Rosa translates or is pronounced as something like Rusen, why the n at the end? The previous answer had to do with the end of a sentence but that is not the case in this exercise.. Thanks for any clarification!

July 3, 2019


It's important to remember that the N sound isn't supposed to be there. My explanation in the other exercise was explaining why the text-to-speech engine made the mistake. They are mistakes wherever the name "Rosa" is placed.

July 3, 2019


Is this an issue for all names ending in "a", or specifically for non-Arabic ones? I thought several Arabic girls' names did end in "a". Would the text-to-speech engine be programmed to recognise those as exceptions, or is there some other way they're marked?

July 7, 2019


Is it OK that 2 of 3 answers are exactly the same - كَري و جودي?

July 13, 2019



July 2, 2019
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