"नेहा ज़मीन पर सो रही है।"

Translation:Neha is sleeping on the floor.

June 28, 2019

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"Neha's sleeping on the floor" is accepted, but only with a warning that I 'missed a space' (and.. uh, swapped an 'i' for an apostrophe). It should just be accepted.

I reported it, but not on mobile so there's no box to explain the issue - just commenting here to explain why I reported.


She's true pewdiepie fan


Neha sleeps on the floor


"Neha sleeps on the floor" is in the simple present tense and implies that she habitually sleeps on the floor. It would be translated into Hindi as 'नेहा ज़मीन पर सोती है'.

The given sentence 'नेहा ज़मीन पर सो रही है' is in the present continuous tense and is telling you that the action is currently in progress. So, it would be translated as 'Neha is sleeping on the floor'. When you see the helper verb 'रहना' in a sentence, it implies that the sentence is in the present continuous tense.


Whoever's person's house this lesson is about, has no walls, a very cheap and old door, a cheap and old car, has 2 windows and a very cheap roof. The person's brother sleeps on the the floor, Neha sleeps on the floor and sometimes the other people too. What a typical poor house!


Not only poor people sleep on the floor. Sleeping on the floor is exercise, even some Kings of our India too slept on Floor.(But I don't know/ can't remember their names)


As annoying as I find these pithy comments remarking on the state of the characters' affairs, note that he was using 'poor' in the sense of feeling pity - 'oh you poor thing' - hard done by, unwell, or unlucky; not in the sense of wealth as the opposite to 'rich'.

For example, if you heard the vet had been called about the Queen's favourite horse or something, you could say 'Oh poor Queen Elizabeth, she must be so worried' - despite that she is far from 'a poor person'.

(It's etymologically the same word, but in usage this is fine, poverty is not implied by uses other than 'x is poor' or 'the poor' (as a collective noun).)


Learnt something new thanks


Neha sleep on the floor ihave missed only the


Neha (singular) sleeps on the floor.


Y, Neha is sleeping on the Land is not correct. Since in another example i had seen that, Land also referred by the word Zamin.


I suppose it can be accepted as an alternate translation. Though it is not a common sentence, if you're talking about the Little Mermaid sleeping on land and not in the water, for example, you could translate it into Hindi using ज़मीन.
You can report it as a possible translation the next time you see the sentence.


Also 'land' implies a contrast to 'at sea' as you say; if the meaning was the land outside as opposed to inside (flooring or bed) then 'ground' sounds more natural to me.


True. You can make the ground vs flooring distinction in Hindi using ज़मीन and फ़र्श.

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