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  5. "رانْيا عِنْدها عَمَل صَعْب."

"رانْيا عِنْدها عَمَل صَعْب."

Translation:Rania has difficult work.

June 28, 2019



According to what they taught us earlier in this course, shouldn't it be: عِنْد رانْيا عَمَل صَعْب

On the other hand, I guess adding ها at the end of عِنْد makes the sentence valid since it actually puts the subject after the preposition. Isn't it redundant though (first Rania and then "she/her")? I mean I'm not new to redundant expressions having learned a bunch of different languages already, but I don't know if this is of those cases.


Yes I was thinking the same thing. That probably means both sentences are correct...


You are right.


Rania has A difficult work. Where is the article?


Just in addition to what Samir said: Another valid translation for عَمَلٌ is "job". In this case it should of course translate: "Rania has a difficult job."


"Work" is uncountable in English. You can't use an article with it. You say: "I have work" and "I have difficult work", just like you say "I have sand", because you can't count sand.


Actually, work may be either countable or uncountable depending on your meaning, although it is most common as uncountable. A work of art, a work of love, etc.


Doesn't 3amal also mean a surgery? as Rania has a difficult surgery?


My answer is exactly as given. Even then it keeps marking it wrong and I lose a heart each time

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