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"هَل أَنْتَ لابِس قُبَّعة وَتي شيرْت يا سيث؟"

Translation:Are you wearing a hat and a t-shirt, Seth?

June 28, 2019



T-shirt should be in one word in arabic "تيشيرت".


Well, as this is not really an Arabic word I think both versions are acceptable. However English compound words are usually split in Arabic (e.g. Kickboxing = كيك بوكسينغ), especially when the first part of the English word only consists of one letter (إكس بوكس = Xbox) or when we are talking about an abbreviation (واي فاي = WiFi). As for T-Shirt it is written تي شيرت in my three dictionaries and also in the Arabic version of the Wikipedia entry about T-Shirts. So I guess it's OK.


You shoudnt Make it fully wrong if the words switched places just a bit. Instead just say u have a typo and we should be aware


Tee shirt = (should be) t-shirt

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