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"في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة صَديقي مُحَمَّد أَمام اَلْجامِعة."

Translation:In this picture, there is my friend Mohamed in front of the university.

June 28, 2019



Request validation and verification of incorrect status of translation below: "In this picture, my friend Mohamed is in front of the university."

The above offered translation is characterized as wrong.
I could use a second, or one hundred and second, pair of eye and brains ^.^ I would like to understand better the Arabic grammar and translation rules that apply to this translation and how I misapplied them. Can anyone assist me for a moment?


I had a similar translation and it was also rejected:

My friend Mohamed is in front of the university in this picture.


They all look fine to me. I guess the authors of this exercise just didn't write enough flexibility into the answer.


I attempted this same translation and would also like to know. Thanks!


"In this picture is my friend Mohamed in front of the university" how is this wrong?


The answer given is "in this picture there is..." but I do not see هُناك anywhere.


I could also use clarification. Is the "there" implied in the phrasing?


For me the answer was automatically given, all i had to do is to press Check... Strange...

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