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  5. "جَدّي خَلْفهُ."

"جَدّي خَلْفهُ."

Translation:My grandfather is behind him.

June 28, 2019



Possible incorrect audio attached to word. Please verify. The audio for خَلْفهُ presents as "khalfa", however the correct pronunciation might be "khalfahu" , at least according to the haraka given.


often the short vowels aren't pronounced at the end of the word so it's pronounced "khalfah(u)"


Given the translation "My grandfather is behind him" you are right. It should be "khalfahu". However, the letter "ه" not always being pronounced correctly at the end of a word (especially when it represents a possessive pronoun) seems to be a common problem of Text-To-Speech-Software (it sounds like there is no "real" audio file attached to the word).


correct pronounciation: jaddi


Is it "khalfa" or "khalfuhu" or "khalfahu" or what? There seem to be so many mistakes in the audio with possessive words. Sometimes I find two different pronunciations on the same page, depending on where I click. It's super frustrating - I just don't know what to learn.

Can anyone help please?


As others have mentioned in the comments above...the correct pronunciation is khalfahu Anyway khalfah is also used


I write "my grandfather's behind him" and it got me wrong. Seriously Duo?

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