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"لَيْسَ هُناك قَلَم رَصاص في شَنْطَتِك."

Translation:There is no pencil in your bag.

June 28, 2019



What is the meaning of رصاص here?


The word رصاص is the Arabic word for lead (the chemical element). It's used to refer to the core of the pencil (the part you write with) wich is actually made of graphite powder. As people in the past believed it was lead, they called it "lead pencil" (e.g. also in German: "Bleistift"). The word قلم is just the general word for a pen. So رصاص specifies, what kind of pen you are talking about. Using the Iḍāfa-structure, قَلَمُ رَصَاصٍ means "a pen of lead" = "a pencil". Hope my explanation is correct :-)


There is no word for 'is' in this form.

The sentence in transliteration goes 'not there lead pen in your bag'


The first word of the Arabic sentence is ليس and it means "there is not"


That can't be right, Azlgaz, because in that case there would be no need for hunaak, innit.

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