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"Canada and America"

Translation:كَنَدا وَأَمْريكا

June 28, 2019



Canada is in America...


Exactly. Still, as in English and other languages, the term أَمْريكا / 'America' is often used to refer to the United States only.


It doesn't say that it's not though. You can say "France and Europe" although we know France is in Europe. It may be the title of an article that refers to the relations of France to the rest of Europe for example.


I see what you mean. In a Duolingo question, the flag of the United States is shown as America. Why Duolingo doesn't use a more diplomatic term such as United States over the controversial term America, which for many countries, it refers to North America and South America combined as one region and in several cases, one continent.

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