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Add phonic translation

Reading left to right, ok many fine but أمي Mom at least Google translate says it means "Mom" So how do I read it if I can see it ? The Arabic Letter that looks like an I with a little c on top is "u" Then you have a something that looks like a key is "m" finally a stylized shopping cart with two little dots is a "u"

Mom is pronounced something like "umi" Simple sentence "Mom is Great" أمي رائعة Mom has not changed.... "umi"

... but the rest ? Can you do something like they do in Google Translate put a phonic translation with the Arabic.

This is my thinking If "Mom is great" really sounds like "umi rayiea" I would at least be able to listen and understand and in time .... a long time be able to read.

June 28, 2019

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I agree with you will be easier

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