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  5. "لَيْسَ عِنْدَك قَلَم رَصاص."

"لَيْسَ عِنْدَك قَلَم رَصاص."

Translation:You do not have a pencil.

June 28, 2019



Note that رصاص means "lead". قلم means pen & probably comes from a word for "reed" (which makes sense as a writing utensil), it, however, may also be connected to the verb قَلَمَ meaning "to cut, to prune", so maybe one might memorize both as "sharpening (trimming) a pencil".


Comes from a GREEK word for "reed;" you should probably mention that.


Well, in some Indoeuropean languages a noun meaning pencil is derived from "lead"...


Why should we add raSaaS? It’s a pencil not a DRAWING pencil, isn’t it?


I asked the same question and was told that قَلَم on its own means 'pen', hence the need to add رَصاص for 'pencil'.


True, but in practice, if it's clear from the context that you're referring to a "lead pen," you're allowed to only call it a قلم anyhow.

Seriously though, how did you get to Level 25 in Arabic so fast? :O

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