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"There is a small book and a big scarf in my bag."

Translation:هُناك كِتاب صَغير وَوِشاح كَبير في شَنْطَتي.

June 28, 2019



A memorization tip based on grammar: كِتَاب meaning "book" derives from a verbal noun كِتَابَة "writing" from the verbal root كَتَبَ meaning "to write". The active participle (performer of the action) is derived with long a and short i: كَاتِب meaning "writer". Other examples for this pattern are وَلَدَ "to give birth" -- active participle وَالِد "parent, father", وَالِدَة "mother" -- verbal noun وِلَادَة "birth, bring to life" -- وَلَد "boy, child".


One more example تاجِر "merchant, trader" from تجر "to trade", تِجارة "commerce", as noun of place مَتْجَر "store" (compare مَطْبَخ "kitchen", مَكْتَب "writing desk").


Thank you. This is so enlighting


Thanks for your help

İn Arabic grammar this is called الميزان الصرفي which is hard to say it in English (_)

Anyway the standar word in this is the past tense of the verb "do" which is فَعَلَ almost everything comes back to this root ... So this word is our "ميزان" thus comes the name الميزان الصرفي..

And by adding letters to this root we make new words So فعل -» فاعل ( كاتب / تاجر / عامل..) فعل -» مفعل (مكتب / متجر / معمل...) And sonif you memorize the root فعل and its other figures (فاعل مفعول مفعلة فعّالة .....) You will be able to learn a lot of new words from one root verb


I wrote حقيبتي instead of شنطتي and it didn't accept my answer? It was showing it as one of the words for bag


Hi Indeed_danish You are right the word haqibat is the right dictionary word for a bag or a purse, and the word shanta is the slang word used in some Arabic countries not all, (in Egypt they call it shanta but in books it is haqeeba) , (in Syria and Lebanon they call it shantaya) , (in Iraq and gulf countries they call it jintta)..so you have to know the formal dictionary word that every Arabic country can understand it which is haqeeba حقيبه.

.The same word is used for the suitcase =حقيبه سفراو شنطه سفر(haqeebat alsafar) which literally means travel bag , and the same word is used for a backpack = حقيبه المدرسه(Haqeebat almadrasa) which literally means a school bag,and the word for briefcase is the same haqeeba and some times they call it haqeeba diblomasya which literally means diplomatic bag..

. and you can just say haqeeba with out mentioning school or travel. The word mihfadha محفظه is a small man's wallet , not a bag or a purse.

So haqeeba= means a bag, a purse , a suitcase a backpack and a breifcase ,but not a wallet. Another word for a bag(plastic bag, garbage bag, shopping bag, paper bag, yard bag ,a bag of rice , a bag of chips, a bag of fruits...and so on, all kinds of bags that mostly are disposable ) = the Arabic word is =keess=كيس


Report it İt should be accepted


"Chanta" is not an MSA word.. Even more confusing when you give mehfadha as an option


a word is missing n the word bank


The wordحقيبتي is not considered correct here

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