"Are you Jordanian, Reem?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتِ أُرْدُنِيّة يا ريم؟

June 28, 2019

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Isn't Reem a man's name?


Actually no, it's feminine.


No, I have a friend and her name is Reem, but she's from Egypt.


Is it necessary to use the هل ?


yes, if you want a yes/no answer.

[deactivated user]

    Yes. To make a full correct sentence, you should use it. But.... Like many other languages You can drop it, then you have to change your tone(pitch) to emphasize that you are asking.


    How do you know if an arabic name is for a woman or a man? I assumed Reem was a mans name as it ends in a consonant not a vowel. Don't female names end in an "A"?

    For example wouldn't this be true:

    Reem (Male).

    Reema (Female).

    Just confused by that.


    I guess it's like every other language. Names don't always have an opposite gender equivalent. And there are female names not ending with an "A" (i.e. أحلام) as well as male names ending with it (i.e. عيسى)


    I think it would be clearer to have the audio say "inti" instead of "int," which could be confused for the masculine form of "you," "inta." (Also, in fus7a, it would say "ant" instead of "int" anyway, right? But since this is sort of a mix, I don't think that's as important)


    'int' and 'inti' are wrong.

    The only right way to pronounce the word here is 2anti

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