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"زَوْجِك خَلْفِك في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة يا روزا."

Translation:Your husband is behind you in this picture, Rosa.

June 28, 2019



I mean, if you're going to teach that the feminine genitive attached pronoun is -ik and not -ki, the least you can do is mark the kaaf so it says -ikii, or alternatively -ik, instead of -ika, which isn't even vernacular Arabic. EITHER زَوْجِكِ OR زَوْجِكْ


But, tsuj1g1r1, there's no fatha over the kaaf, is there! It's only there in the audio. And by this stage we (at least I) have got used to extra vowels all over the place. Water off a duck's back. I put it down to Arabic's aversion to consonant clusters. I'm probably wrong, it's probably to do with declensions that I haven't been taught yet, but it keeps me happy.


why could it not be زَوْخُكِ ?


Your husband, in this picture, is behind you, Rosa. was not accepted. This is really ridiculous and disheartening. Do something about it.


I wrote the same.. They wronged me too... Seriously we know how to type english..atleast..!


I don't remember all this stuff from the first time i did this lesson. Is there new content the second time?


Sometimes yeah, they're also always adding stuff, recently saw new male and female voices.


On this picture ? No?


I used the word 'photo' instead of 'picture'... Oops :)

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