"There is cash and a big key in my bag."

Translation:هُناك نُقود وَمِفْتاح كَبير في شَنْطَتي.

June 28, 2019

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Etymology: نُقود is plural of نَقْد "money, cash" from verb نَقَدَ "pay in coin". مِفْتَاح is a tool noun of the مِفْعَال pattern derived from فَتَحَ "to open", مَفْتوح "open, opened". By semantic extension فتح means "to conquer" thus فاتِح "conqueror", compare the Osman Sultan's honourific name Mehmed II. Fatih, who conquered Constantinople.


Thank you very much, hou2zi0. I don't suppose the girl's name Fatimah has anything to do with conquering?


As far as I know the two names are not related, they are also written with different characters (the Latin characters falsely suggest a relation). Compare: Fatima: فاطمة Fatih: فاتِح The "h" in Fatimah is not really there. The Arabic character is the Ta Marbuta (the feminine ending), which is a -a or -at (when in the status constructus or genitive association). The meaning of Fatima is, as far as I know, "the one, who will be weaned off (of mother's milk)", meaning, that she will be no baby anymore. Many names have the intention to wish the baby strength, health and good luck. I guess Fatima may be interpreted along this line as well, because it wishes that the baby may become a child, implied by not needing mother's milk anymore, and so may pass the dangerous stage of the new born and the baby. Another example for this naming custom is the name Aisha عَائِشَة which derives from the verb "to live" عَاشَ and may be interpreted as "the one who (may) live(s on)" (the form is an active participle).


Thanks very much for elucidating. Yes, we ought to have a different way of representing the emphatic and non emphatic versions of T D and DH!


Bag = حقيبة


كلمة ''شنطة'' لا توجد في القاموس العربي، هي كلمة من اللهجات و اللغات الدارجة لبعض الدول ''العربية'' الكلمة المناسبة في نظري هي ''حقيبة''


is توجد not also appropriate instead of ؟هناك


I think the alternative could be يوجد since نقود is masculine, not feminine.


I heard فلوس as money before but it isnt accepted does it mean something else?


"shantati' and "kabir' were not among the Arabic words listed. editing needs to be improved.

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