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"Ini bukan buku yang termurah."

Translation:This is not the cheapest book.

June 28, 2019



Why not "This book is not the cheapest"? A literal translation would be "This book is not the one that is the cheapest."


This book is not the cheapest = Buku ini bukan yang termurah.

This book is not the one that is the cheapest = Buku ini bukan buku yang termurah.


Thanks. I see the difference.


"This book is not the cheapest" and "This is not the cheapest book" both have the same meaning

I would think "This book is not the one that is cheapest" would be " buku ini bukan yang termurah"


And they say that Indonesian is a language flexible in expression as long as the meaning is understood and correct! Not seeing it in some of these very pedantic translations to English.


This book is not the cheapest. I don't understand why this answer is not accepted or how it has a different meaning to 'this is not the cheapest book.' It would be different in meaning, if it was 'this book is not cheap.'

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