"There is a short book."

Translation:هُناك كِتاب قَصير.

June 28, 2019

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Short language hint: the adjective form قصير is related to other word forms associated with shortness, like قَصُرَ "be(come) short", قَصَرَ "to fall short". Doubling the middle consonsant derives a causative or intensifying verbal stem, thus قَصَّرَ "cause s.th. to be(come) short, to shorten". Similar: كَتَّبَ "to cause ro write", بَشَّرَ "to bring good news", خَبَّرَ "to let s.o. know, to notify".


Thanks.. That's what is called ميزان الصرف / miizan'ulsarf .. which considers the verb فعل is the standard of three-letterd verbs and its derivatives like فاعل / مفعول / فعّل / فعيل .... Which are something like 27 forms/derivative...

Anyway these are considered the standards or the main forms of all the verbs (not 100% of the verbs) and its derivatives ....


كتب --» كاتب --» مكتوب --» مكتبة درس--» دارس--» مدروس--»مدرسة غسل--»غاسل --» مغسول --»مغسلة

Comes from or as we say in Arabic (may be retreated to the standard form "فعل" ) which is

فعل --» فاعل --» مفعول --» مفعلة ... Each one of these forms has its own meaning so when you see the form فاعل you will know that this means the doer (of sth depending on the verb whats is it) if it is ركض/run then it is راكض/runner. İf it is لعب/play then it'll be لاعب/player..


kara5712800, thanks a lot for giving your time! Here's, a lingot for you :))


hou2zi0, thanks a lot :))


Super helpful. Shukran.


I still don't know how to difference the sounds of the letter : س and ص. Can doneone explain me?

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