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  5. "طاوِلة طَويلة"

"طاوِلة طَويلة"

Translation:a long table

June 28, 2019



Etymology: طاوِلة is not related to the Arabic adjective طويل, but is a loan from Italian tavula from Latin tabula, "table". Both Arabic words are, however, easier to learn as the couplet "long table" طاوِلة طويلة.


Extremely helpful comment. Hope you will continue


Thank you for this comment


How can you hear the difference? Both words sound exactly the same to me...


Depends which vowel is long. "6aawilah" = table "6awiilah" = long


To all you lot not hearing the difference, I suggest you listen to an Arab speaking English on https://www.dialectsarchive.com/middle-east . I believe it'll help you pick up on the difference faster. Listen for how they differentiate between words like "bit" and "beat," or "look" and "Luke." You'll find they pronounce their long vowels significantly shorter than English speakers would (it'll especially sound like that at a down inflection), and they only distinguish vowels by length and not lax-tense distinction, but the difference will be more audible to an English speaker's ears when it's English that's being spoken and not Arabic, I think.


Pronunciation should be slightly different between the words TAwela and Taweela


Thank you, i heard the difference, but couldnt tell what that difference was! I guess with practise we will get it!


and I put them the wrong way around, and was marked correct??


If you are confused about the difference of these two words because they sound a little close and confusing, don't worry. We have another word for table in Arabic: مَنْضَدَةٌ (manDadatun) So we can also say: منضدة طويلة


So instead of learning to tell long and short vowels apart since it is integral to understanding Arabic, you're just supposed to go through a thesaurus and pick out an obscure word nobody will understand every single time you encounter a word with a long vowel?


What is the difference between طاولة and مكتب ?


Maktab is a desk or office.


i hear no difference at all between the two words.


The first word is stressed in the first syllable (TAwila), and the second word is stressed in the second syllable (taWIla).


I'm confused. I thought Taweela was tall. Or is it just Taweel that is tall and Taweela is long?


Both Taweel and Taweela can mean: long or tall.

The difference is that: Taweel is for masculine while Taweela is for feminine.

(Edit: Thanks for the correction, KatieC! :)) I have edited it).


Taaaaaawila taweeeeeela...this is the difference

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