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Learn Arabic with help!!


So finally the Arabic beta course is finally here and a lot of you might be struggling with the alphabets and since im Arab, and an English-Arabic Translator, feel free to ask me questions regarding the Arabic course and i will gladly help.

I don"t have tips now because i don"t know what you found "easy" and what you found "hard" so ill let you ask the questions here and ill answer!

June 28, 2019



What's with دُكتور? Isn't doctor 'طبيب'?


Both words are correct although we use more the word دُكتور when referring to a medical doctor or a person with a PhD. As for the word طبيب it is used in some Arab countries such as the Gulf or for example a vet in Arabic is طبيب بيطري and not دكتور بيطري in this case


You're most welcome! if you have any other questions please do ask! always happy to help


Oh yeah one question, there's this thing I don't understand with endings of nouns. When do you use -in or -un at the end of the word.

I think it's called nominative and accusative cases.


Regarding this i think you are talking about "Al-tanween" it's usually if the word is indefinite adj or noun, then it will be nunated, but this really is related to arabic grammar and where the word is located in a sentence and what is it as. So what i suggest is as you go along, find examples and ask me about each one specifically so i can tell you why it is like this in this cae.


Ooh, thanks, that's so nice of you! I am so excited about the course and I find most things are well understood. However I have a problem with the pronunciation. When it's written شكرا οr ءزرا it is pronounced with an "n" at the end but there is no ن at the end of the word. Lots of other words have it too. And when spoken in sentences sounds like the ن comes after almost every word? Do I have a problem with destinguishing the sounds or is there a rule to learn about the pronunciation that can explain it? Thank you in advance!! شكرا لك

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