If I remember correctly, there's three arabic dialects. Is it Egpytian, Arabian, or the other one?

June 28, 2019


So basically, there's MSA which is standard Arabic. It is the original Arabic in holy books [Quran] and often used in school and mainly kids' tv shows. It hasn't ever changed.

Dialects are MSA but have changed over time depending on their region. So every Arabic country has a dialect. So not only is there Egyptian, but there is Algerian, Moroccan, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni etc... The dialects in neighbouring regions tend to be similar. Their are many factors that can cause a dialect, like Invasion of other countries [for example, Algeria has some French influence] and indigenous tribes like the Amazighs giving countries like Morocco a touch of Amazigh.

Hope that helped :)

There are sooo many dialects. you can't count them because they are on a spectrum and there are subdialects.

The course is in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), which is the language taught in most schools in the Middle East and the language of written communication and some news shows, but rarely spoken unless in a very formal setting. That said, I've tried learning Egyptian Arabic, and it's like trying to learn Australian English: the rules aren't written anywhere and it's very confusing. IMO it's better to start with MSA and once you have a good grasp of the language then you can specialize in a dialect.

especially egyptian dialect has " written down rules" and lots of course books. The rules are just not 100% strict because even within egypt the language is a bit of a spectrum. If you are still searching for material i recomment the kallimni 'arabi series from AUC or the books from Matthew Aldrich

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