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A piece of information about the Arabic alphabet that might be helpful

As someone who speaks a European language you might find it difficult to remember the Arabic Alphabet. But it is closer to European languages than you might think. Arabic and European Alphabets kinda have the same origin. And that's very noticeable when you compare it to the Greek alphabet. I am going to use the old order of the Alphabet which is more similar to the order in Greek, which is أبجد هوز حطي كلمن سعفص قرشت ثخذ ضظغ Now let's start the comparison Α α - alpha : أ - ألف ب - باء : Β β - beta ج - جيم : Γ γ - gamma د - دال : Δ δ - delta

ز - زاي : Ζ ζ - zeta ح - حاء : Η η - eta ط - طاء : Θ θ - theta ي - ياء : Ι ι - iota ك - كاف : Κ κ - kappa ل - لام : Λ λ - lambda م - ميم : Μ μ - mu ن - نون : Ν ν - nu

I know these aren't all the letters. But these are the letters that I think sound a bit similar to each other and in the same position in the alphabet. P.s. the pronunciation is not 100% the same, I made this just to try to help you remember the letters.

June 28, 2019



According to Wikipedia Arabic, Hebrew and Greek alphabets are from Phonecian. The actual languages come from different sources as neither Arab nor Hebrew are Indo-european.


Thank you for pointing that out. I meant to write Alphabets but I made a typo

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