"Are you a doctor, ma'am?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتِ دُكْتورة يا أُسْتاذة؟

June 28, 2019



Tabiba no? Doktora is a title, tabiba a proffesion.

June 28, 2019


Well, in this case it depends on what the person asking wants to know ...

Are you a (female) medical doctor? هَل أَنْتِ طَبِيبَة؟

Are you a doctor (do you hold a PhD)? هَل أَنْتِ دُكْتورة؟

As in this case the person being asked is called أُسْتاذة (female professor) the conversation is probably taking place in an academic context, so the translation "doctor" seems to be acceptable. دُكْتور/دُكْتورة is also being used sometimes in spoken language when referring to a medical doctor.

I am more worrying about the translation "ma'am" for يا أُسْتاذة ... Sounds weird to me.

June 28, 2019


Isn't أُسْتاذة a female professor? Why is it used as ma'am here?

July 8, 2019


Why is this Ustadha not ma'am?

July 11, 2019
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