June 28, 2019


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The arabic font used fir words and sentences is way too small for me. Especially orange text is impossible to read, unless I activate magnification. I have set a larger font in my preferences, and English text us very readable.

Please fix, because this is going to be a showstopper (for me). Thanks

July 3, 2019


In the meantime, here is a chrome extension that will change the font to something you may find more legible: https://mimalef70.github.io/fontara/

Add it to chrome then when on the website hit the checkbox next to the duolingo favicon and the page will reload with Arabic & Persian Fonts changed to the new (imo) more legible font

July 11, 2019


Seems that the transliteration should be Baaku, not Baku.

June 28, 2019


Not sure without context, but I think in this case they mean the capital of Azerbaijan (English: Baku/Arabic: باكو). They are not asking for the transliteration but for the translation :-)

June 28, 2019


Or Baakuu

July 16, 2019


So this is a problem, I answered with كوبا by accident and it accepted it as a typo...this is not correct

July 6, 2019


Seems like the translation is supposed to be baakuu

July 6, 2019
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