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  5. "باب وَكَراج"

"باب وَكَراج"

Translation:a door and a garage

June 28, 2019



Why "door and garage" is wrong? :/


The anser has to be a door and a garage. The 'un' sound tells you you have to make it 'a door' instead of just 'door'


I don't hear an 'un' sound? I only hear the 'and' between door and garage.


Dang, I didn't know that. Thanks!


Where are you from miss ilham


Could you following me please


"door and garage" should be correct. Otherwise text should be "الباب وَالكَراج"


No, that would be the door and the garage.


Ive never seen 'a' in Arabic


Door and garage should be correct


Yes ur right same mistake i got


make yuor mind up whether you want an article or not DL - most of the questions don't need one.


Both should be accepted most of the time for indefinite nouns


Door and garage


"A door and garage" was not accepted. It should be. In English we will sometimes use an article only for the first item when listing items. It may sound casual to some but it is grammatically correct. After the first instance of the article is used, "a garage" is implied.

EDIT: Realized you're not even teaching phrases in this section and that "باب وَكَراج" in Arabic is ungrammatical. This exercise is for phonetics alone which is why the articles are omitted. I was falling into an assumption that Arabic didn't need to use articles. Similar confusion may be happening with other learners. To be clear: Arabic uses articles, just not in this exercise.


Door and garage is correct. You can say that in English. It depends on context. This is out of context and Arabic only infers 'a'. In every other instance this course does not require 'a', so it should also be optional in this instance.

[deactivated user]

    There are no real articles in Arabic besides ال so I don't really know why I would be marked wrong for answering "door and garage" instead of "a door and a garage." We shouldn't be focused on the translation so much as if we understand what's being said. Anyone feel free to speak about this.


    there are neither letters or sounds that require me to input "the" or "a". it literally just says باب وَكَراج, and the audio makes no additional sounds, it just says "baab wakaraaj". yet "door and garage" is counted as an error. wtf DL.


    This audio sounds like "baabun wa karaaj". Why is there an "un" at the end of "baab"?


    the "un" sound at the end of the word provided the "a" that the answer is referring to. So 'baabun wa karaajun' is "a door and a garage". However, you have to play the audio in order to hear it. There should have been two lines on the top of the last letter to indicate this.


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    Make yuor mind up whether


    This should be correct but it is telling me wrong.


    Explain the first word. Is that really door?


    garage door is a no go.


    Correct, that would be ignoring the and


    Aw man i typed a door and garage

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