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  5. "زَيْد مِن إِسْكُتْلَنْدا."

"زَيْد مِن إِسْكُتْلَنْدا."

Translation:Zayd is from Scotland.

June 28, 2019



It sounds like 'Zayd from Eskot-landon' which is indeed wrong. It's Es-kot-landa. Actually, there are a lot of mispronunciations. And some words' translations are wrong, such as Jacket means معطف Me'taf, not jakeet! Doctor is Tabeeb طبيب, not Doktoor.


The audio pronounces unmarked case endings as well. They may be wrong, but due to context and case, not due to the sounds not being written.


Doesn't من require dative/genitive case, so Iskutland-in? I don't think Iskutland-an is right here.


That's not what's happening here. The TTS is just mistaking the alif at the end for the accusative case when it's really just part of the name (this happens a lot). It's Iskutlandaa in every case, just like Suriyaa, Al-Nimsaa etc.


Can you say "Zayd from Scotland"


A typo is a spelling error. For example, 'tjis' could be a typo of 'this'.


Well, mladenbrankovic, I'd say a typo is a mechanical mistake, when you accidentally type something wrong, like in your example. But not every spelling error is a typo. Some spelling errors are committed because the writer thinks he's writing the right thing.


Did we need to say "Zaidun" like now or "Zaid" like before?


Its meaning, no apostrophe. "It's meaning" is short for "it is meaning", which makes no sense.


Scotland can be "Skutlanda" or "Iskutlanda".

Skutlanda = سْكُتْلَنْدا (sounding more like "Skotlanda")

Iskutlanda = إسْكُتْلَندا (sounding more like "Iskotlanda" (this "I" sounds more like the "e" in "erupt")


Zayd can also be Said

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