Oh no!

There are not very many lessons/skills! I hope they expand the tree several times! Time to get started. I'm glad there is a course!

June 28, 2019


Why is there no comments on this? Exactly my point good sir. We need to expand the tree. Hopefully the folk of Arabic learners will raise enough hell to get our point across. Allons-y!

Yes, but just to clarify, my complaint is conditional. I withdraw the complaint happily assuming they are in fact planning on seriously expanding the tree and they released this for learners to have in the meantime. I only think it is very sad if this if the idea of a complete tree one!

I had to do a search to find this comment to piggyback on, but I agree the course really needs to be expanded. I like how the course is laid out and the relative flexibility in translations. But the course seems to be missing some important basics like plurals and basic verb tenses. My Arabic is weak and I'm crushing the course...which is a nice ego boost, but not as much of a refresh/challenge as I'd been hoping and clearly short some looking to become conversant from the ground up

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