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"Is the engineer's cat from Baku?"

Translation:هَل قِطّة اَلْمُهَنْدِس مِن باكو؟

June 28, 2019



اين باكو؟


باكو هي عاصمة اذيربايجان.


So nothing signifies belonging to? That is just implied?


It's not implied. It's given by the iDaafa construction. Two nouns put next to each other are an iDaafa and signify possession. qiTTah = cat al-muhandis = the engineer qiTTat al-muhandis = the cat of the engineer (the engineer's cat)

Hasoub = computer al-ustaadh = the professor Hasoub al-ustaadh = the computer of the professor (the professor's computer)


The second noun is in the genitive, and the first noun is in the construct state. That means that المهندسِ ends in a short -i sound, and قطةُ ends in a short -u sound without an -n following it like you're used to.

Even if you're not doing case endings or you're speaking dialect and not MSA, قطة would still sound different because the ـة at the end of it would be pronounced "-it" instead of "-ah."


Why is المهندسة marked a "typo" throughout this lesson?


Please! What is good about these stupid sentences? Why not use everyday sentences? And: not everything is weird. Just maybe these sentences.

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