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Arabic letters are too small for me

Is there any way to make the Arabic letters smaller? I find it very difficult to see what kind of diacritics are on the letter even when I zoom in on my browser. I don't suppose anyone knows of a trick to make it bigger? Or maybe Duolingo could improve that? Or maybe it's just me...? :)

June 28, 2019



Same here. I'm using an up to date Google Chrome, and having the same issue even when I zoom in. It's not a problem on the mobile app but overall I prefer to use my desktop. It's not the hugest problem in the world but it would be really appreciated if someone at Duolingo or someone of the Arabic language team (if they have the power) could just bump up the font size or give an option to.

I'd also like to throw another big thank you to the team who made this course on the off chance that they read this.


Hmm. I am not having this issue on the google chrome

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