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  5. "أَهْلاً يا مَها."

"أَهْلاً يا مَها."

Translation:Hello, Maha.

June 28, 2019



Hello Yamaha :D


Wow, you said my mind's thing XD XP


Could it also be "welcome"?


In fact that's what really means


Yes. I used welcome and got a correct answer.


Unless you're in a Shakespeare play, you won't really use 'o' before a person's name. :) I am leaving 'o' out of my answers and getting correct submissions.


well, MSA does sound like a Shakespearean play :D


How to works يا here? Wouldn't we say this without it?


In arabic, يا is a vocative preposition. This means that the word is used to call someone's attention like O' Maha! In English, that's only done for poetic purposes, but in Arabic it's everywhere you're naming the person you're talking to.


As far as I studied in university, there is not such thing like a "vocative preposition", because prepositions always assign grammatical case to some syntagm (sintactical constituent), and in not any language vocative particles assign a grammatical case.

Vocative case is in some languages a cause of declension of nouns so it is refered as "vocative case", but tecnically is not a grammatical case, but a semantic case (as there are a lot in fino-ugric languages like Finnish and Hungarian), because does not depend of the transitivity of verb as the classical grammatical cases.

The rest of explanation is fairly well.


So, how would you call the grammatical nature of this segment if not a preposition?


It's an interjection, that's its lexical category.


I am now sounding out and reading letters whose name I do not know. Do you have a reference service somewhere which will tell me the names of the letters?


In the consonants section of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_alphabet , there is a really complete list with the letters' names, all their forms, their phonetic pronunciation and its English equivalent.


I aint a native english speaker, but as far as i know, ppl usually say "you" before vocative

Hey, you guys!

Hallo, you darling!

Excuse me, you ppl!


Some people do. Most don't. But no one does if it's a name. "Hey, John!"


As a native British speaker, I would only expect "you" to be added in the case where someone is saying you as opposed to those others.


How do u spell this 2ahlan or 2ahalyan?


2hlan ya aamil which means hello o aamil


Since أهلآ means hello/I welcome you. How do you respond? And how to greet when neither of you is at home welcoming the other?

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