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"غُرْفة نَوْمي قَريبة مِن اَلْشّارِع."

Translation:My bedroom is close to the street.

June 29, 2019



When you're trying to put a possessive on idafa, do you really always put it on the second noun and not the first? I.e. would غرفتي النوم for my bedroom really be wrong and why? Does this apply to all cases of idafa?


غرفتي للنوم would be correct


So the question remains, what's the rule?


pronunciation and grammar is all wrong here.

correct: غرفةُ نومي قريبةٌ من الشارع.

ghurfatu nawmii qariibatun min ash-shaari3


The audio is now (29 Aug 2019) sounding to me pretty close to that, so maybe they fixed it?? The Damma at the end of "ghurfa" maybe sounds like it has slight nunation due to phonetic anticipation of the leading nun of "naum" -- but I get different sensations as I keep listening to this audio repeatedly -- maybe a nice little linguistics lesson in auditory perception --


yes I also here a nunation at the end of the first word, and it is incorrect.


-- yes -- and re auditory perception, other stuff surely comes into play beyond how the speaker enunciates or the TTS emulates -- the device, speakers, software platform etc. -- this particular audio I've listened to via a Windows desktop, a Chrome laptop, and an iPad tablet, and am looking forward to catching it on a phone handset with earbuds -- they all sound different, but on the desktop with sizable speakers, I hear "ghurfatu naumi: " with a slight but perceptible silence before the onset of the "n" in "naumi" -- unlike a lot of other audios in this course that deviate badly from strict correctness with the case markers --


My bed room is near to the street - why is this wrong :(


I think that should be accepted, and you should probably report if it isn't -- the Duolingo contributors may not yet have coded up as correct a version of the sentence with "bedroom" as two separate words -- that said, though, in English "bedroom" IS usually written as one word.


I guess because in English there is no "to" after the word "near", so you can say: 'My bedroom is NEAR THE street' (without TO) or 'My bedroom is CLOSE TO the street'.


قريبةٌ وليس قريبةٍ


"Ghurfa naomii qarib min al-shayriah." So, you're homeless?


ZiyanQures, that makes sense! :(


Ora usah nganggo D yo den mas?? Check it out for the next lesson!!!!

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