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a tricky way to learn arabic faster

first of all arabic is one of the hardest language to learn so if you insist, well you are a genius let's get into the point: have you tried to watch arabic movies with subtitle or songs with lyrics it's the same method i'm using to learn english now let's get to shocking fact which is: you were thought foreign language in a wrong way in the school because they were teaching it like the mother language i'l till you how well there are basic for any language on the earth by order 1 listening 2 speaking 3 read and write the fact is you were only thought reading and writing all this years with a little of listening and speaking so you found it hard to get what they saying Do you know why you speaking your mother language so well here the thing for a 9 months in your mother womb+2 years till you start speaking your ears keep listening to a lot of a words and phrases that make you able to talk later and since the age of 2 when you start speaking till let's say 6 or 7 years when you join the school that's another skill you gain (speaking) then you learn how to read and wright for let's say a12 or 16 years of studying and voila you are speaking your mother language fluently i figured out it's not my nation problem in teaching foreign languages but the whole world so here's a free tip educate yourself i hope you found that helpful

June 29, 2019


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