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  5. "أُحِبّ اَلْطَّقْس اَلْحارّ."

"أُحِبّ اَلْطَّقْس اَلْحارّ."

Translation:I like hot weather.

June 29, 2019



Hey. Is there any logic to when to pronounce the "l" like apparently in the case of A"l"haar and leave it out in the case of A""Taqs. Or do you just have to know? Would appreciate the clarification since I am only a beginner :)



Is there any logic to when pronounce the "l"?


There's two major classes of Arab letters related to this matter.

1) The first class (when we pronounce "l") is called as iZhar qamari. This class consists of the following 14 letters:

أ، ب، ج، ح، خ، ع، غ، ف، ق، ك، م، ه، و، ي

Example : الْوَدُوْدُ al-waduudu. Here ال meet و

2) The second class (when we don't pronounce the "l") is called as iZhar shamsi. This class comprises the 14 letters left (outside of iZhar qamari):

ت، ث، د، ذ، ر، ز، س، ش، ص، ض، ط، ظ، ل، ن

Example: الشَّمس ash-shamsu. Here ال meet ش

If we depend on the ّ_ tashdid/shadda sign, it will not work as not all sites write the diacritics.

Nb: We just need to memorize one of two classes (and not both) because one class is the exception of another class.


thank you a lot this is very helpful


You're welcome, HarroldGarr6! :)


If you found the ' ّ ' sign, you shouldn't pronounce the "l"


Thank you very much!


the ا-s of the ال should wear wasla, ٱ, as being in the middle of a sentence.


'I like a hot weather' is wrong

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