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  5. "He is Dutch from Amsterdam."

"He is Dutch from Amsterdam."

Translation:هُوَّ هولَنْدِيّ مِن أَمْسْتِرْدام.

June 29, 2019



Anyone else thinks this is a very strange sentence?


I think the literal translation results in an uncommon construction in English, although grammatically ok. The natural way in English would be either "He is a Dutchman from Amsterdam" or "He is Dutch and (he is) from Amsterdam"


How do you say the Netherlands in Arabic? Is there a difference between that and Holland? In my native language we frequently conflate the two, but I know there is a separate diplomatic term for the country as opposed to the region, I imagine it works the same in Arabic?


In Arabic it's "Hollanda".


what does the هُوَّ هولَنْدِيّ مِن لَمى. answer mean.


I got the multiple choice question asking me to translate "He is Dutch from Amsterdam". I got given the following options:

  • He is a Dutch from Lama = هُوَّ هولَنْدِيّ مِن لَمى
  • He is Dutch from Paris = هُوَّ هولَنْدِيّ مِن باريس
  • He is Dutch from Amsterdam = هُوَّ هولَنْدِيّ مِن أَمْسْتِرْدام

I'm not sure what Lama is, but I hope this helps.


I found لَمى is a name for girls. Maybe it is also the arabic name for a well known town, but I cannot figure what.


Lama is a female name like Amanda. so it can't be the answer.


Lama is also a name that's being used for training here besides samia, Carrie etc


Lama is a female name


لمى is just a common female name in Arabic


Yes, I would say it is not correct. It should be "He is a Dutch from Amsterdam".


That is not correct English. We do not say "He is a Dutch", nor do we say "He is an English" or "He is a French".


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I gave the correct answer, but was flagged as wrong, lost a heart.

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