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"سامْية دُكْتورة أَمْريكِيّة عَرَبِيّة."

Translation:Samia is an Arab American doctor.

June 29, 2019



"Sam is an American Arab doctor." Why was my answer not correct? Is that sentence not correct in English? I find it the most accurate translation because "'amriikiyya" is mentioned before "3arabiyya" in the Arabic sentence.


The course is still in beta. So please help develop the course by choosing "My answer should have been accepted" instead of commenting.


Thanks for your answer. But a am honestly not sure what is correct, that is why I comment. I find this interesting (and difficult) and maybe others finds it interesting too. What I really would like to know: Is the doctor living in America and has Arabic origin? It seems that in Arabic, the country of residence is mentioned before the country of origin (البريطانيون العرب and الأمريكيون السويديون) while in English (and Swedish) there seem to be no logic. British Arabs are people of Arabic origin living in Britain while Swedish Americans are people of Swedish origin living in America.


Because it is Samia amd not Sam.


Because Samia is Arabic American, not American Arabic


Can someone explain to me why the answer is always reverse from the question. Question: American Arab doctor Answer: Arab American doctor.


This time I reversed my answer as you corrected me in all previous instances and was marked incorrect. Question Arab American Doctor, Answer Arab American doctor and not American Arab doctor as corrected in previous episode. This is confusing


Plz check my ans & reply me why my ans is wrong.


My answer was Doctor Samia is an American Arab, whats wrong with my answer


It should be Samia is an Arab American Doctor. Hope you understood.


Why not American Arab doctor but vice versa?


... I see now. I ve forgotten 'is'

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