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  5. "كَنَدا وَأَمْريكا"

"كَنَدا وَأَمْريكا"

Translation:Canada and America

June 29, 2019



The same in every language ❤

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About using America for designating the USA instead of the whole continent? It's not really a good news. Like if Germany was called Europe.


Does "أَمْريكا" refer to the United States, North America, North + South America as a whole, or something else? If just the US what are the continents called? Are North and South America treated as one continent in the Arabic speaking world?


Most likely, this is referring to solely the United States as other countries and nationalities are pretty specific in these lessons. Plus, most countries use the term "America" in regards to the U.S. More often, if someone is going to refer to someone's nationality in Central and South America, they will be specific about that nationality.


All the rest of the continent: X D


& = and

Fix it

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