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Which Arabic Dialect???

So I've just started on the Arabic tree. Prior to this, I have learned the basics like becoming familiar with the Arabic alphabets. I also understand that there are different dialects eg Gulf, Egyptian dialects... However, above all of these, there is also Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) that is not the primary dialect people speak, but rather is a platform whereby all the Arab speakers will be able to comprehend each other. I have attempted a few lessons of the Arabic tree, and I believe that so far, the lessons are taught in MSA. I'm not familiar with Arabic well enough to distinguish their dialects so does anyone know which dialect is the Arabic tree taught in? Thank you.

June 29, 2019



It's actually MSA, but a less formal version of it, if you will. As I've noticed, you'll encounter quite a few colloquialisms here and there.


What region do the colloquialisms stem from? Egyptian?


From what I have heard, the colloquialisms may derive from both Egyptian and Levantine Arabic

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