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  5. "هٰذا مَكْتَب."

"هٰذا مَكْتَب."

Translation:This is an office.

June 29, 2019



So هذالمکتب، مکتب Means: This Office is an Office.


Is this word only used for office in Arabic? In classical Persian مکتب means school.


Yes, in Arabic "مكتب" is "office". For "school" we use a different word "مدرسة"


Yes. In Arabic, "school" is "مدرسة" from the root درس "study".


can haathaa be written هاذا or هذا ?


It is correct to write ھذا Above the ھ is a ' symbol which gives it the "haa" sound.

As I read The Holy Quran there are symbol(s) (instead of preceding/succeeding vowels) on each letter which tell how the letter is connected to its preceding/ succeeding letter.

I don't have symbols available on my keyboard but I'll just write the sounds for you to understand InShaaALLAH

I am using the letter "h" as as example.

ha, hi, hu, haa, hii, huu, han, hin, hun, hh, ah, ih, uh

Sorry, I didn't have the option of symbols, but I hope it helps.


Is مَكْتَب also used for a desk? When I google the word with picture search most of the pictures are showing a desk.


Well, مكتب means office as you know, and offices normally always have desks so it is rational when you are searching the results show desks Everytime... İ think Desk means طاولة in Arabic


Table also means طاولة So maybe in Arabic desk would be two words like طاولة المكتب


The word مكتب (office) comes from the root كتب (write). Other words stemming from this root are كتاب (book), كاتب (writer), or مكتبة (library).

It takes some time to get used to this kind of forming words from the root but when you know about it it helps recognising the patterns.


Another example from the comments would be درس (study) and the words مدرس (teacher), مدرسة (school), درس (lesson), or دارس (scholar/learner).


هٰذا again the alif dagger


In another lanuage app I learned it as desk. How do I know what is ment?


It should be this office


It shouldn't. "This office" would be "هٰذا المَكْتَب".

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