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"اَلْسِّباحة صَباحاً مُمْتازة."

Translation:Swimming in the morning is amazing.

June 29, 2019



ممتازة means Excellent Amazing can be one of the translations but Excellent is a better one


"The swimming in morning is amazing" was not accepted, although "AL" is infront of swimming , therefore THE should be in front of swimming.


No. Did you read the Tips to this chapter? It says explicitly: "Notice how the literal translation of اَلْكَلام is “the talking”--this is because verbal nouns are always used with اَلْ “the” (or some other definite marker)." And in English they're not. In other languages they are, eg French - la lecture, though, like in English, they sometimes use the infinitive. Not reading the Tips does not save time.


This needs to be edited to accept a wider range of answers.


I wrote 'good' instead of 'amazing' , and my answer was incorrect :/


Because they are different things. Good is jayyid and amazing is mumtaaz.

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