People to Practice Romanian With?

I have been trying for the longest to communicate with Romanian natives, (or advanced speakers) but unfortunately, there aren't many active users on websites like italki. This post is mostly for those who have come across a similar problem, and to those Romanian folk who might want to practice their English! Let's see if we can create some sort of community!

June 29, 2019

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Try or Hellolingo. Be careful on your personal data!

June 30, 2019

Hello! I'm glad to help, too! I am a Romanian native speaker.

July 15, 2019

Hello Caleb. Good luck!

June 29, 2019

My language hero! :-)

July 1, 2019

I will be glad to help you! You can use Discord to reach me out, using this link: . Then try to search for D3XT3RY0NuT and here you are!

July 5, 2019

You can join our server here:

August 5, 2019
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