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"Shadi is a Tunisian translator."

Translation:شادي مُتَرجِم تونِسِيّ.

June 29, 2019



Don't would be شادب مُترجِمة تونِسيّة since Shadi is a female name?


It appears so from other answers. In this case, it seems that this Shadi is male.


يعني بترجم للغة التونسية ولا اصله تونسي


okay zero to 100 real quick anyone else? Super confused by this. IMHO, duolingo doesn't do the best job of teaching you words with ease... at least YET. I'm still not super far into arabic. Only have 19 crowns, but hey gotta start somewhere


I've noticed that some language courses within Duo are better at introducing new words than others. For example, the Spanish course does a great job introducing and explaining new words and concepts. German, no so much. Arabic rarely. However, they recently introduced the Arabic course, so maybe it will get better with time. I've been supplementing Duo with YouTube videos to help with Arabic.


Can you recommend some videos here?


shadi is a farsi name , means happiness and it's girls name so mutarjimah tunisiah is the answer


There is a version with short vowels marked and one without, but otherwise they are the same. They should both be correct. Also, thanks for making the report function... less functional.


Its too easy to pick out the right name at the start and not learn the other words, these types of question should probably all start with the correct name in place


I think this is system glitch


Can anyone explain the variations in proninciation? Final consonants sometimes are followed by vowels, and other times they're not. I don't understand the logic behind this. Did I miss something? Thanks in advance.


Tunisii means Tunisian, tunis means Tunisia. The final vowel 'ii' is a male suffix. The suffix agrees with the grammatical gender of the subject.

Did I understand your question correctly?


Will not let me select the correct response


Isn't "Shadi" a female name? Because in Persian it is :/


Yes it is but in arabic maybe its a male name. However in female it would be shadi muturjimah tunisiyah if im.not wrong


Is it muturjim or mutarjim? Help


Shaadi mutarjim Tunisiyy.


Whay r here before

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