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  5. "بَيْروت مَدينة تاريخِيّة."

"بَيْروت مَدينة تاريخِيّة."

Translation:Beirut is a historic city.

June 29, 2019



why does it keep showing: You have a typo?


If you don't tell us what you have typed exactly, nobody can answer this question.


The answer is "Beirut is a historic city" It continues to say there is a typo because it is prompting the word "an" to proceed historic, which is incorrect grammar in English. "a historic city" a- proceeds consonants "an amazing city" an- proceeds vowels


Actually, "an" precedes (not procedes) vowel sounds. This, we say "an hour." And many of us say "an historic" for the same reason.


Really? "Beirut is a historic city" is the "main solution" (see top of page).


I wrote Beirut is a historical city


"Historic means 'famous or important in history', as in a historic occasion, whereas historical means 'concerning history or historical events', as in historical evidence; thus a historic event is one that was very important, whereas a historical event is something that happened in the past."

Seems to me that Beirut would only be historical if it no longer existed, if it had been destroyed sometime in the past.


Untrue to say the lest most countries have an untold number of heritage therefore historic site particularly in the Middle east which were in fact?? Some of the cradles of civilization


Thanks a lot for your explanation.


There are historic places and things that exist all over this globe and probably the moon and Mars too where humankind goes there is bound to be something of historic importance mars maybe some leaving of equipment when we get there eventually these most certainly be a heritage site


I did too and there is a difference between those two descriptions A historic district or heritage district is a city or section/s of a city which contain older buildings considered valuable for historical or architectural reasons. In some countries or jurisdictions, historic districts even receive legal protection and indeed places like Palestine Iraq etc are indeed historic in terms of age architecture and history historical simply means belonging to or concerning past eras


Thats actually correct. They have mistake on this answer.


Duo is pronouncing the 5th letter in the last word like an f, but I'm used to that letter sounding like a kh. So Duo's pronunciation sounds like "tarifia" instead of "tarikhia". Which pronunciation is correct and/or is there a typo?


It's a kh. The pronunciation is bad


Duolingo, you're wrong, I don't have a typo. We say "a historic", not "an historic".


Both are correct, and Duo should accept either.


For some phrases, Duo considers "an historic" a typo, and for others "a historic" is a typo.


Duo must have corrected this. I wrote "a historic..." and it's counted as right. Personally, I think it sounds affected not to pronounce the H in "historic", imitating the French. Honest English pronounces H's. Except for "hour". I know I haven't got a leg to stand on because you can't expect language to be logical or consistent, but we all have our weaknesses.


بيروتُ مدينةٌ تاريخيةٌ.


haha. I'll pile on as well.

No, it wasn't a "typo". I fully intended to write " Beirut is an historic city."


me too. Is this a regional thing with native English speakers?


Regional or age -- maybe both. In any case, Duo should accept either.


Beirut is AN historic city.


Correct. The stress in /historic/ is on the second syllable, so according to English orthography it takes "an" not "a". (But I guess we're learning Arabic grammar here, so I wouldn't argue about it. ;-) )


looks like the correction algorithm has changed since we discussed this a couple weeks ago. It now tells me "a historic" is a typo. Which, fine, but. Give the conflict of grammar books and usage, both should just be accepted without comment, IMO.


First of all, Djibril487949, English orthography is highly illogical and unpredictable. But are you suggesting that words beginning with H and with the stress on the first syllable take "a", while if the stress is on the second, it takes "an" - ie the H is pronounced in the first case and not in the second? What about eg "harmonica" and "honorary"? Have you actually seen that "rule" written anywhere?


No, it was just a minor irritation having my response marked wrong.


Wrong. The rule for 'a' versus 'an' has nothing to do with which syllable is stressed. Rather, it is determined by whether the following word begins with a vowel or a consonant. At least in American English, we do pronounce the H on historic therefore it should be 'a historic'. If in some other English it is pronounced as 'istoric' with a silent H then it would be "an (h)istoric".


Funny ... I live in the US and I say "an historic," just as I say "an hour."


Well said, phuvtuo.


I accidentally misspelled Beirut but the rest of the sentence was correct


I wrote: "Beirut is a historic city "

The response?

You have a typo. Beirut is a historic city.

Maybe cuz I forgot the period?


In this you were correct an historic city is wrong undoubtably here is the rule A well known grammar rule says that we should use an before vowel sounds; for example, an accident, an item, an hour. We use a otherwise: a book, a hotel, a university. ... Following this rule, we would say a historic, not an historic because (for most speakers) historic doesn't start with a vowel sound. So duo put that in the old proverbial put and smoke it


Meant to say pipe not Put or Pot la?naam?


However thinking on it I believe the indefinite article is sometimes determined by sound and dialect rather than a rule eg I personally would never say a hour or an hat but I belive when I hear a west Indian islander speaking say an hat but one wouldn't say an union or an United States citizen so it's really quite much of a muchness and not determined by the rule a e i o u takes an an so I think it's purely to do with sound don't know if that makes any sense


I think it should be "an historic" but duo doesn't.


Please see my comments from November 7 and 14!


I wrote beruit is a historic city


Why does it say, "an historic city"!


does it? The main solution (see top of page) is "a historic city".


How its "Beirut is an historic city?" Cant get it


Incorrect English. It is AN historic not A historic...


I wrote" Beirut city is historic".can anyone tell me what's wrong in it


In English it would be correct to say “an historic” although most common people wouldn’t say it that way.


Language is what people say. Whom are you calling "common people"?


In English, the correct preposition for a word beginning with "h" is "an". Please correct this error.


In English, the correct preposition for a word beginning with "h" is "an"

This is not true. It is "an" if the "h" is not spoken, as in "hour".
But it is of course "a", if the "h" is spoken, as in "hero".


Yes. Like "an happy boy, an horrible boy, an hop and a jump..." I think you'll find only Cockneys regularly drop their aitches.

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