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  5. "وِلايَتي جَميلة جِدّاً."

"وِلايَتي جَميلة جِدّاً."

Translation:My state is very pretty.

June 29, 2019



I don't think any native English speaker would ever refer to the place where he came from as his "state"; they would refer to as his country. However, he would refer to his state if he asked another American, and wanted to hear "Louisiana" or "Illinois", or a German another German, when expecting something like "Bavaria" or "Pomerania".


What's the difference between that and balad?


«وِلَايَة» refers more to a administrative division within a country (e.g. province, state, county, canton), while «بَلَد» refers more to a soverign state or settlement.

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