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  5. "أَب وَجَدّ"

"أَب وَجَدّ"

Translation:a father and a grandfather

June 29, 2019



What is the meaning of this?


These: ُ ِ ً ْ ّ ٍ ٌ َ play significant role in the pronounciation and they change based on the place of a word in a sentence. For example: if you start the sentence with a noun: the pen: القلمُ pronounced 'Alqalamu'. If it's object then القلمَ 'Alqalama' and if following a proposition then: القلمِ 'Alqalami' etc. But don't panic you don't need that info to speak or communicate in general, it's just very proper grammar that most Arabs hate hahaha

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