"This is your rent, Seth."

Translation:هٰذا إيجارَك يا سيث.

June 29, 2019

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can someone tell me the name of the sign over hamze " ه " and help me to type it in arabic keyboard? (Windows) . (I can write هَ هُ هِ هْ but not هٰ )


that is not a hamza.

This is a hamza: ء

But this ه is a 'haa2' equivalent in pronunciation to an english 'h' as in 'hat'

I am not sure how to write an '2alif khanjariyyah' (the sign you mention) however on the Arabic keyboard. Maybe in special characters.


It is called Fatha Ishba3iya.


Further more, you would almost never need to write this shortened "alif" above the "ه" as it's rarely used or needed in daily writing. Where it exists, it is in very few and well known words such as هذا، هؤلاء "they"


I can't find it as a shortcut on my Qwerty keyboard, but you can make it appear using Unicode.

I type the ه and then change to UK language (otherwise the numbers come out in arabic and it doesn't work)

Then use unicode - on my chromebook it's hold down shift + control + press the letter U. An underlined U comes up and you can type in different codes to get different special characters

The code that produces a little dagger, is 0670 and then press space, or enter ٰ هٰ


Forgot the YA again. Grr.


Struggling with putting the ' on the ه using ny phone. It automatically does it for للّهِ, but not for 'ه. I'll keep trying!

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