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"He is generous and he is your husband, Judy."

Translation:هُوَّ كَريم وَهُوَّ زَوْجِك يا جودي.

June 29, 2019



It should be هُوَ not هُوَّ. And is should be زوجُك not زوجِك.




Inconsistent with a previous lesson where هو was not required before both clauses to receive a correct answer


No, a clause without a verb would obviously require the pronominal subject to be explicit. Maybe you mean that in the previous lessons two adjectives could occur in the same clause, but in this case, the second word isn't an adjective: "He is generous and fat." makes sense, "He is generous and your husband." is very awkward phrasing. "And" should connect words/phrases/clauses of the same class, stylistically, in both English and Arabic.

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