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  5. "This is a beautiful day."

"This is a beautiful day."

Translation:He lā nani kēia.

June 29, 2019



Why wouldn't it be He nani keia la

  • he = a
  • nani = beautiful
  • kēia = this
  • lā = day

In hawaiian, the subject goes at the end of the sentence and the predicate/verb at the beginning, which is a different order than in english. The subject of this sentence is "this", kēia, so that goes at the end.

That leaves us with "is a beautiful day." The adjective in "beautiful day" should come after the noun, which gives us "lā nani". Use "he" to say "a beautiful day"--he lā nani.

There is no word for "is" in hawaiian, but whatever is at the beginning of the sentence is acting as the predicate. Thus, He lā nani kēia.


Thank you so much for your excellent explanation!


Other sentences seem to let the noun precede the adjective. I'm not sure how to choose.


If you note down the sentences and give examples here i can explain the structure to you.


I appreciate your explanation.

I'm confused when we were told at first that the language is V-S-O, Verb Subject Object. But the Subject "goes at the end of the sentence" so what is DL trying to teach us? :-(

I'm ok with no "to be" verb because I have studied some Hebrew. I'm just a bit peeved that we have to learn new sentence structure AND new words AND new phrases in the same lesson.


I find reversing the order out loud in English first helps (it also sounds a lot like Yoda)


That is exactly what I thought


you replied to your own comment agreeing with your self lol


KeesKiwi provides a great explanation, but I'll point out that your suggestion (I think) translates to "This day is beautiful."

The target sentence is, "This is a beautiful day." Small distinction.


I would like more rules about syntax, please


Shouldn't "He nani kēia lā" be acceptable also?


Wouldn't that translate to "Today is a beautiful"?


Yep it would. Mahalo


I'm struggling to get: this day, today, end of sentence/begining of sentence. And....find only guesses/confusion in Discussion. No help. :(


this is missing Lā.... else its just saying "This is a beautiful..."


What about "He la keia nani" instead? Could you say that the day is the subject, with both "this" and "beautiful" describing it? If so, how do you order multiple adjectives for one object?

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